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power & control
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❝Once upon a time there was a QUEEN who cast a glorious curse that gave her everything she wanted; or so she thought

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could you go into more detail? even add in step by step image?


i can! okay, i’m gonna show you how to make something like this:


also of note: i didn’t come up with the borders idea, as far as i’m aware the original idea belongs to herroyaldarkness so all credit goes to them! there are probably easier ways to do this but this is how I made mine. under the read more for length.

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                           He could feel her beginning to smile amidst their kiss, tried
                           to steal a little more of it with a tip forward but was denied
                           before  he  had  his  fill.  She  was  quite possibly the most
                           infuriating woman — girlwoman he’d ever known. And
                           even more possibly, the first to have ever been capable of
                           finding  her  way  through  his  indifference,   and  nestling
                           somewhere against his heart.


                           A   smile  toyed   at  his   lips  despite   them  having   been
                           abandoned far too soon,   and when she grew shy it turned
                           a touch more devilish, more than just a little satisfied that he
                           could cause that sort of reaction too.

                                 "You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that —"
                           he  spoke  softly,  huskily  against  her  hair.
                                               ”I’m only a little offended that you did it first.”

                           He was teasing — mostly — though the fact that he hadn’t
                           kissed  her  the  moment it came to mind was something he
                           would  normally  never  admit  to.  Since  when  had  a thief
                           waited for anything they wanted? Anyone?


                                   His confession made her laugh, a girlish chortle that
                             was breathed out against his chest.  The  laughter  gave
                             birth to a grin which she dared a glance upwards at him
                             with. The relief and bliss she felt at  hearing  she  hadn’t
                             apparently been  imagining  everything  kept  her  smile
                             wide and painful where it  pulled  at  her cheeks.  Which
                             were already a rosy shade of pink.


                                                                                "What was stopping you?"
                                                          she asked curiously, hands  resting  on
                                                            hist  chest through a  flopping layer of
                                                            over sized sleeve.

                               Somehow even the beauty of the land he’d brought her
                               to had begun to fade out of existence to her mind.  For
                               truly he was all she could see or think of  there  in  that
                               moment. About his eyes,  and  his  smile  which  made
                               her feel as if she’d  done  something  terribly  improper
                               and despite the  flutter  of  dizzying  shyness, she  only
                               wanted to know more of the danger lurking  behind  it.
                               And perhaps a reminder of  what  his  kiss tasted of, as
                               her spinning mind had already begun to forget.


                               I am finally home! Drafts will come in a bit, but right  now
                               I’m working on a new theme for myself and want to get it
                               done asap. I’m on skype if anyone wants to chat with me
                               & mutuals can send an ask to add me.




Someone needs to write a ‘the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’ AU

                                         Gonna  keep  this  short  and  sweet.
                                         I  wanna  give some things  away, &
                                         you guys are awesome. So allons-y

          the prizes:

- one winner receives this Funko! Popz two pack
- two winners each receive one of these jelly belly villains packets 
- three winners get icon packs of 10-15 icons of their fc

          the rules:

- must be following me. herroyaldarkness
- must reblog post, likes do not count
- enter as often as you like, but do not torment your followers.
- must be willing to give out your address / have express permission to do so
- I am willing to pay shipping to USA and Canada. If you live over seas and want
  to enter, then please be willing to help me out with shipping because it is very
  expensive. I will not in any way prohibit you from entering, but beware of that.
 - giveaway ends 2spooky days before Halloween — October 28, at 11:59PM


                                    ❛ for what is an [ apprentice ]
                                                 without a MASTER to teach him? 

                                                                   indie. sorcerer blog.
                                                                                   —- written by aaron.

                                 I just want to hear you say it.

               I need you to say it out loud - —
                                tell me I make you PROUD.

                                          I just want to hear you say it - —
                              say it a little louder, please.

                               ❴TELL ME YOU'RE PROUD OF ME.



                           No. He wouldn’t. It rang over and again in his head. The echo
                           only  growing  louder  when she  turned to him, his altogether
                           too large coat swallowing her up, leaving only her smile to be
                           seen.   He  couldn’t  think  of  anything  else  to  answer,  felt
                           consumed  by  a  strange force that only her smile seemed to
                           ignite. That killed every retort on his tongue before it ever saw
                           light, and turning his lips up in a smile right back.

                           She  was  closer  before  he  realized what had happened  —
                           caught him off guard with how she looked at him like  he was
                           anything worth looking at that way. Like she saw goodness —
                           or something like it, something that could make the very smile
                           on her face bloom at all. For years he had received  plenty  of
                           wayward and lingering glances from women, women that were
                           nothing at all like her. And nothing at all she need know more
                           about. The very fact that he cared  about  she  thought  of  his
                           reputation said it all really, if only he were smart enough to see.


                           His lips parted in question, unvoiced as he had no real thought
                           planned, but then her hands met his skin and her smile seemed
                           to  grow  all  the  more  blinding, drawing closer until it was lost
                           between their lips.

                           Jefferson stood stoic — it was probably the first kiss he’d ever
                           received and not given. He responded, though barely, his eyes
                           only falling shut towards the end but staying that way for a long
                           beat, then opening in silent question. Why?

                           ”What was—”  he asked,  the  question deciding to only remain
                           half silent,  his  voice  having  grown  deeper from  her proximity
                           alone. But it only took a single breath for him to forego whatever
                           the  rest  may  have said —  his arms wrapping around her tiny
                           frame and his less than tiny coat — it was he who leaned down
                           for  a  kiss  of  his  own,  right  there  at the start of the bridge of
                           Corona. Another thrilling memory to add to his collection.



                             For a moment Regina thought her darkest  fears would 
                             come true. That he would push her away in  disgust  or
                             anger. Perhaps even scorn for her affection. His words
                             suspended reality, as well as her breath as she stared
                             up at him, wide-eyed and  hopeful,  willing  with  all  of
                             her might for him to say  anything  that  wasn’t  terrible.


                            And yet no words came, but reassurances rained down
                            swiftly when he grabbed  at  her, and  returned  her kiss
                            with another, her eyes closing on contact,  sudden and
                            sharp breath being taken as she felt her heart dive from
                            the cliff it had been precariously balancing upon. A grin
                            formed behind her claimed lips,  spreading  them  from
                            cheek to cheek until she couldn’t possibly continue her
                            kiss without pausing  for  air. Yet  when  her  dark eyes 
                            opened, looking up to him as if he  were  all she’d ever
                            wanted, the smile seemed to grow  more  bashful  and
                            the former queen resigned herself  to  glancing  at  the
                            ground to hide the blush on her cheeks.

                                            “I’m not exactly sorry for that,” she said quietly,
                                       swaying on her own feet until she was leaning into
                                        him, face buried shyly into his chest, a noise then
                                   leaving her that was nearly impossible to distinguish,
                                                                          muffled out against his chest.


The Devil Within [Piano Version]
Artist: Digital Daggers
Album: The Devil Within [Piano Version] - Single
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                                alright since that giveaway hit a whopping 208 notes, I
                                doubled the prize count. put each name into a random
                                generator and the fates have spoken. The winners are
                                                 impavidusx icewiitch, dormouxe,
                                                 wickedfatality , grishildr  grievxr,
                                                 & for her support and kindness a 
                                                 bonus for matriiiarch

                                 Winners please contact me asap with what theme you
                                 want used on your templates!! A tutorioal on how to do
                                 your own is in the works, and i likely will do more give
                                 always in time. Stay tuned and thank you to everyone
                                 who showed support through the bullshit today! xo xo