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❝ Once upon a time there was a QUEEN who cast a glorious curse that gave her everything she wanted; or so she thought

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leashed ;; @scarreddog

            She was well aware he followed her. Well aware of
            his looming presence not to many steps behind.  It
            had become something of a regular occurrence since
            she had taken the crown, and while it might be excused
            as protection, she saw it quite differently.

            Pausing in her leisurely stroll through the gardens, 
            Regina swiftly turned, locking an indignant glare on
            the disfigured guard dog that ought to be at the king’s
            side, not stalking her every step.

                                 ”If my husband has sent you to catch me in some
                                  flagrant act of treason, the least you could do is at
                                  least try to be quiet.” Regina growled out, hardly
                                  amused by the constant supervision in the least.
                                  If Cersei could not keep a tighter leash on her brat
                                  child, then the agreement that Regina would not
                                  harm him would need to be rethought.  Letting out
                                  a sharp and vexed sigh, Regina’s gaze narrowed,
                                  waiting for the mutt to give his excuse.




     Natasha stood with her hands folded behind
     her back, staring over at the other woman.
     She was directed here for answers, but from
     the tone she could tell that the woman was 

                   ”I’ve heard stories about this place.” 

              “Tourists often find themselves without
          a warm welcome here,” Regina informed
          the woman flatly. She had killed strangers
          before. She was not beyond doing so again
          if it meant saving Henry. Or saving herself.
          Granted it did bode in the woman’s favor
          that Regina was currently trying to prove
          she had moved past those sorts of….
                                           ”Whatever it is you are looking for,
                                            I suggest you look elsewhere.”



Less granted yet, Your Grace.” No knight stood she,
           but some would call her an armored beast with the
           arm to swing a sword. Swing she could, and more besides.

           ”And no companions have I to speak of.” Indeed, she wished
           she had even less to speak of, that she might not need move
           her lips at all. “I seek to bring no discord to the King’s seat.”

                       ”– – I but bring word to Ser Jaime Lannister.”
                                         Ill word. Broken word. “Word that cannot idle.”


          “No —— I imagine you wouldn’t,” Regina agreed, but
          within her words was a patronizing  insult. A slight upon
          the other woman’s homely appearance, and without any 
          care to whatever perceived cruelty might be therein received.

                             What need had a queen of kindness?

         ”I see,” Regina remarked, her words clipped and contemplative
         once she had heard the woman’s reasons of being here at
         King’s Landing. “And what relation do you have to him, hm?
         You have clearly stated yourself to be no knight, nor do I 
         imagine you are some long lost  friend. Certainly not the type 
         he might take as l o v e r.” Regina canted her head at  her,
         unmoved by how the beast of a woman towered well above
         Regina’s own stature. 

                                                  ” ————- any word you can speak to him,
                                                     you may speak before the king directly.” 

         And if he found ill taste in her words, then she would fall
         to the mercy of the brat king, and in such an instance,
         not even Regina would think to stay his hand. After all,
         what loss would this wench be? Turning a smile on her
         then, Regina’s entire countenance seemed to become far
         more malicious, no attempt to hide the unwarranted and
         unbridled malice that shone both in her eyes, and her 
         wolfishly toothy white grin.

she runs hot || @yancy

                                                                                   Something was wrong.

                                    That much was obvious by the puttering sounds and the violent rocking from under the hood of her otherwise pristine black Mercedes Benz. Regina had been driving this thing since the curse put them all here. Somehow she’d been granted the knowledge of how to operate it, though she was at quite a loss on how to maintain it beyond fueling it up —— which typically she made Sidney do as it was. 

                                   A permanent frown seemed to crease her brow as she very slowly maneuvered her car into the mechanic’s garage just off main street. She hadn’t been certain the thing would make it at all, but somehow she’d managed it. These cars might be stylish, but compared to a horse they were completely unreliable. As she shifted the vehicle into park, she laid on the horn, then honked it three times more in succession, somehow irritated that the employees were not there to service her immediately. Didn’t they know who she was? 

                                  Her car door swung open, one heeled foot stepping out, and then the other as she let the door slam behind her, marching with purpose towards the door, which upon closer inspection was covered with disgusting greasy hand prints and other stains the nature of which she did not wish to guess at.  Grimacing in disgust at her surroundings, Regina pushed the door open with a foot, and sauntered onward, as if she owned the establishment. Which, considering she held the power to have it shut down, she more or less already did.

                                  Within an acrid assault of varying scents assaulted her senses, making her nose wrinkle and her eyes sting. It was somewhere between cigarette smoke, exhaust, grease and she-dared-not-guess how many rotten sandwiches. Somewhere in the distance a staticy radio crooned out some grating and twangy man’s voice, crying over some lost love of his, and already the stifling lack of air had traces of sweat beading along the cuffs of her shirt, crisply laid beneath a designer blazer.

               ”Hello?” She called, irritation clear in the crisp cutting tone of her voice. 





She finds herself drawn. Ariel does not understand, exactly, 
                        what about this town leads her here, but she’s standing in 
                        front of a dimly-lit welcome sign, large in size. It’s eerie, 
                        perhaps, leaves her with a sense of something more, something
                        that her grandmother, all those years ago, would have told her
                        to stay away from. But oh, hadn’t that always been Ariel’s curse?
                        She thrived on adventure, on that delicious something more. 


                        With that, she walks up the road, streetlights lighting her way
                        through the dark night. Ariel could have just come, in the 
                        morning, but she’d been walking for—-for so long. Right 
                        now, she just needs a place to stay. Perhaps an inn?


                  Regina was exiting the bed and breakfast rather late,
                  considering the majority of the town was fast asleep
                  in their none-the-wiser serene little beds. But not her.
                  She’d just finished a tireless session of attempting to
                  teach Emma how to manage her magic. It seemed
                  pointless, really. Endless potential wasted on an idiot
                  who couldn’t seem to trust it, even after all she had
                  seen. Needless to say, she was exhausted and irritable,
                  not to mention seeing Henry all night, watching him
                  look right through her had been nothing short of agonizing.
                  No amount of time spent would ever get her used to it.
                  No matter how brave a face she put on, every moment
                  she spent with him, knowing he might not ever remember
                  her again crushed whatever was left of her dark black soul.

                                          Cinching the waist tie of her trench coat as
                                   she stepped out into the chilly night air, Regina
                                   tried with great effort to keep herself from falling
                                   into despair. That would be exactly what Zelena
                                   wanted. HOPE might not be something Regina
                                   was incredibly familiar with, but she knew it had
                                   enough power within it, even if only in small doses.
                                   So long as they did not give up, again, they could
                                   find some way of defeating her sister.

                She had gotten no more than twenty paces out the door
                when a meek voice reached her ears. To begin, she 
                thought she had simply imagined it, but something in
                her gut had her stopping, and glaring over her shoulder.
                Her brow was deeply creased as she squinted into the
                darkness, about to carry on when at last a shadowy form
                moving towards her caught her eye.

                                   Zelena? Surely she wouldn’t be this brash….


                                “Whoever you are, you may as well show yourself,”
                                 Regina called out with an arrogant lilt, her voice 
                                 just nearly amused that someone would dare
                                 something as foolish as an ambush. The citizens
                                 might believe her responsible for this new curse,
                                 but they also knew to fear her. And rightly so.

“I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough.”

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[ all the small things ]


The only reaction Jefferson gave to her taunting words was a slight purse of his lips. He would not ruin this before he knew what she intended to do. And so he stood tall, but relaxed, waiting for further instruction.

He felt the kiss she laid against his scar, which in more recent weeks had become more of a welcome gesture than it ever had previously. He trusted her, explicitly, and unquestioningly. And was thankful to do so.

Instruction did come then, but he hardly had time to process that she would be listing her ultimatums, as soon his vision was robbed from him. He smiled and bit his lip as she tied the scarf behind his head, wondering what had brought her to finally giving him the treatment he so often gave her. Her first rule rule came then, and threatened to steal the moment. It was by far the worst she could have laid out — to his mind at least.

His head turned ever so slightly to the side in pause, disbelief almost, that she would rob him of something so necessary to his survival. Touching her was akin to allowing oxygen in with every breath, crucial to his day to day life, and something he was reluctant to ever swear away. But if he didn’t…

A sharp sigh exhaled through Jefferson’s nose, his stance growing discernibly rigid as he fought the war within himself to decide that just this once, he could relinquish that particular pleasure. Though he had so many reasons not to. His jaw clenched as he resigned to her first rule, and awaited her second.

When she moved away, despite the scarf around his eyes, he turned his head as though he might be able to see her, see what she was doing since he wasn’t allowed to reach out and feel for himself. Her second rule had his smirk returning, eager to find out exactly what was in store for him. He didn’t flinch when her lips suddenly appeared on his neck once again, simply let his smile grow a little wider though his lips stayed shut, not showing his teeth. He leaned his head to the side just enough to feel her still so close yet not doing anything about it, aside from whispering in his ear in her husky, astoundingly sexy tone.

"You aren’t wrong," he answered back, his voice already thick and full of want, and oh how his hands ached to betray his words. But for the time being, at least, they did not.

Regina smirked when he assured her he was capable of obeying her rules, pressing another kiss to his neck, and then taking in his earlobe between her teeth, just for a moment, before then suckling on it as her hands wound around him from behind, unclasping his belt. “I am glad to hear it,” she breathed against him, giving the leather belt a rough jerk to pull it out in one go, tossing it away to clatter on the floor behind them.

"And hopefully, for your sake, you can keep your word," she added on, pulling away from him to walk all the way around him, and sit on the end of the bed, looking up at him then. She smirked, wondering what his eyes might reflect if she could see them. She imagined he would not be too obedient as time wore on, perhaps even incapable of following her orders if he wished to, but watching him squirm and suffer as he tried would be a delight of its own.

Wanting to waste no more time, Regina leaned forward, taking his hips in either hand to tug him forward. She pressed a kiss to his abdomen, and then on a little lower, just along the waistband of his trousers. She pressed another to the left of it, dragging her tongue a short distance before she kissed again, all the while her fingers nimbly, and slowly began to unbutton him. 



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