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power & control
born to be q u e e n

❝ Once upon a time there was a QUEEN who cast a glorious curse that gave her everything she wanted; or so she thought

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E v i l never looked so g o o d.


❝ Not at all, madame mayor. ❞

                     [   a light huff parts from
                         its fuchsia orifice. it’s
                        only   moments   after,
                        her lips frame a set of
                                        alabaster.   ]


      ❝ Haven’t seen Henry around
       lately. What’s the deal with
                         that ?? 

      “And since WHEN is my
  son any concern of yours?” 

                The last thing she wanted 
         was  the  kind  of  influence the
         under-dressed and oversexed
         waitress  would   have  on  her
         nine year old son to be lasting.

    “Henry is at school. Where he should be.”

You’re a true Queen. A Queen that any King would kill for.

toska [tohs-kah]”

- (noun) An untranslatable, Russian word – Vladimir Nabokov describes it best: “No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody or something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui, boredom.”  


Unless of course it was during that pesky missing year!

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→ Turning into a monster, a mix for the darkness consuming us

L I S T E N    H E R E

Black black heart
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Regina stealing everyone’s hearts (literally!)

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[ it was only a kiss ] ;; thiefoflocksley


A smile tugged at the corner of Robin’s lips. He observed her curiously as she seemed to observe him too, and soon a full blown smile graced his lips, her expression calling it to action whether he had a choice in the matter or not. He sighed into their kiss, beginning to lose count of how many there’d been already, and happy to do so.

"If that were true, I believe kissing you would sway me back to the side of trustworthiness." He retorted with eyes still closed, only after did they open to find her in less than smiles as he’d seen before. But he didn’t have the chance to ask her what had caused it, as he watched the light flicker in her eyes and her smile slowly start to bloom once again.

His lips parted ever so slightly when she leaned back in, expecting she meant to lay another kiss, and leave him all the more staggered by it. But when she spoke his expression became serious, his brow knit just slightly together as his gaze dipped from hers at the mention of her heart. It was true that he’d tried but Roland was not a risk he could ever take, though now he was beginning to feel quite strongly, that she was not one he should risk either. Her heart had to be returned. And he wouldn’t feel right until it was he who did so.

Words seemed to fail him suddenly, though his eyes lifted up to find hers once again, he didn’t know what to say. She trusted him. And while her trust had not been intentionally betrayed, he’d done just that. His hand came up to cover hers that stayed at his cheek, finding it colder to the touch than he expected, with how warm it felt on his skin all the time before.

"You’re going to catch a chill," he said off-handedly, taking her hand between both of his in attempt to warm her, before he moved his just enough to lay a kiss against the back of hers.

Regina’s smile was one of slight incredulity at his concern, both at someone actually worrying over her, a true first, and that he would fear something so trivial as a cold. The smile softened, and sweetened, as she simply gazed at him in bewildered adoration. “One of the perks of wielding magic is not having to worry over a case of the sniffles,” she told him rather knowingly, though her fingers did curl over his hand, so that he would not take it as her disliking the gesture. In fact, she felt anything but.

It was surprising how such a quiet moment could come so easily for her. She had been a stranger to such things for so long that she had begun to wonder if she would ever know them again. But somehow he made it all seem so very ———- easy.

Clearing her throat, Regina drew in a deep breath that came out in a long, breathy sigh, puffing out into the cold air in a whisping cloud. The dancing reflections of flame, tawny and bright, scattered across the side of his face exposed to it, casting shadows across the rest. What should make him look devious only looked somehow charming against his rugged, and surprisingly well kept (for a forest dweller) appearance.  

"I suppose we should —— discuss, just what all this means for us,” she offered as means of a segue, “I’d rather not be too forward, but, I can confidently say that I would certainly like to see you again. Perhaps we could even manage to meet once without the company of trees.”

[ it was only a kiss ] ;; thiefoflocksley


Somehow this kiss was even more staggering than the first. For one he had been quite unaware of her intentions up until their lips had actually met, and now — now he had been completely aware, though no more prepared for it. However sweet the kiss he’d taken had started, when she pushed closer, asked for more and gave it too, it was anything but the chaste connection he’d begun between them and his lungs would have very nearly thanked her for robbing him of air the way she did.

The itch to touch her was nearly unbearable, threatening to take his mind away from its mission to experience every moment to the fullest extent. Short nails gripped into the wood they sat on, stilling the shaking in his hand, though the other would not be forced down so easily, it threaded into her hair once again, keeping her as close as close could possibly be, returning her kiss with the same sort of passion with which she gave it. And had they not been sitting he would not chance to think his knees were strong enough to withstand it.

But oxygen — ever cruel in it’s neediness, demanded entrance, and so he stopped their kiss, breathless, but stayed within a hairs breadth from her still, knowing more now than even the first kiss had told him, that he needed to experience that again, and again.

"I swore I would think of nothing but your heart until I got it back to you," he spoke suddenly, surprising even himself that he would be so foolish, but he let the thought play out despite it. "You’ve made a liar of me." He smiled through his words before taking yet another, albeit shorter, kiss.

"Mm —- " Regina hummed against his second kiss, a chuckle mingling between their lips. She pulled away to gaze at him, hand moving to his face to lay against the rough grit of his stubble. He was quite handsome, frustratingly so in many ways. And his penchant for always finding her was disturbingly uncanny, but who was she to claim to understand the mechanics of a soul mate?  

"A thief and a liar, hm?” She asked, very obviously teasing. “I’m not certain you’re to be trusted at all anymore,” she continued, her lips slowly drifting across the small gap between them, pressing against his again. It was if she simply could not stop herself. As if there was no other recourse but to kiss him now that she had done it once. Her eyes fell closed, another, smaller, hum leaving her as she truly resigned herself to the kiss, letting it become something less heated and more raw.

                           It ached, she realized. 

                                                   She wasn’t sure she liked it.

When she pulled away, a faint frown creased her brow. She wanted so badly to retreat into familiar habits and practices, but something in him held her captive. A prisoner against some darkened part of her will that only wished for the misery that conflicted with her every other wish. That held on to the pain and anger. That felt safety because of it. That part simply could not win. For the first time she was defenseless in this situation, and though her heart laid who-knew-where within her sister’s care, she felt the pangs and the swelling deep within her chest all the same.

Something very quiet came over her then as she leaned back to get a better look at him, one hand staying at his cheek. Slowly, a smile began to spread again, and with it, she leaned in closer, though did not initiate another kiss just quite yet.

"I do hope you understand that I do not blame you for the loss of my heart." At least not in the literal sense, some small part of her chimed, and she felt herself shudder at the thought. Her voice glided out in a warm and husky whisper, a confession meant only for two. “My sister — is a troubled woman with a great deal of power, as well as the Dark One in her command, and not even I could stop her. It will do no one any good if you allow yourself to believe you could have.”