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❝Once upon a time there was a QUEEN who cast a glorious curse that gave her everything she wanted; or so she thought

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if i was your vampire ; victorian au


Her shiver was much more evident than he imagined she thought it was, brought on by the cold that the rain had brought. A somewhat meeker smile spread across his lips when she turned the conversation onto him, as he began unfastening each button of his overcoat and took the few remaining steps to where she sat, offering to put it over her shoulders.

"It’s exploits now is it?" He asked cheekily, his smile widened just so as he knew she’d meant no such offense. "I’m afraid my exploits have been few," he continued, "and how I came by my fortune is not the most — conversation worthy tale. Truthfully I simply inherited it after —" He paused as he weighed his words, what depth of the lie he should dive to, as he had no intention of telling her the truth, but lying to her didn’t feel right either. He’d already gotten her to stay out in the rain with him by less than savory means, lying now would only make anything that may come after the fact, cheapened in some way.

Clearing his throat Jefferson shifted and took a seat just near her, his gaze mostly landing on the ground though once he found his words it rose to meet hers again. “My family was lost to me,” he spoke more seriously then, as that much was indeed true. “There was a time when I believed the devil himself took them, but I suppose that’s just the way a young boy comes to term with these things. In the end I was left with enough to purchase a few estates and to maintain the one I now call home. We would stay here for the summer almost every year of my childhood, it was as much my home as the one…”

Jefferson’s words trailed off into nothing. Where he’d meant to give her only pieces of the lie he lived, he found them coming out much more in truth than he’d meant for. His family had been lost to a devil, to himself in actuality, when a young vampire is left on his own he will eat whatever is nearest, no matter how he may have loved them in life, in death they are nothing but lambs to the slaughter. During that time even this beautiful creature before him would have been a lamb, and like a lion he would have ensnared her in his grip as he did now, only to feed on her and leave the rest to rot. But he was different now, or so he believed, so much so that a lion might bow his head to this lamb, were she to ask it of him.

Realizing he’d been quiet for a moment Jefferson straightened and tried to move the conversation back off of himself, anywhere but himself. “As I said, not much of conversation starter.” A somewhat nervous laugh left his lips, and it was foreign yet again to have any such sound leave him, though this laugh was much less humorous.

"I wish you would tell me something more of yourself, I promise you won’t bore me.”

Regina smiled weakly when offered the coat, nearly rejecting it on the grounds that he would fall ill without it, but the shiver she was victim to grew more violent with each moment. So she gladly accepted, pulling it tightly around herself, finding herself inundated with the warm musky aroma of his cologne that lingered on the fabric. “Thank you,” she murmured quietly, her smile all the wider for his generosity. The storm seemed to only grow in its fervor all around them, but he had not been wrong in his certainty that this gazebo would protect them. Still —— she could not deny a cringe afrer every lightning crack, nor a shudder as the thunder boomed above. She hoped he wouldn’t notice, however. She struggled enough as it was  with being only seen as a girl, rather than a woman.

When he began to tell of his exploits, she studied his features, curious as to what stories lay beneath the depth of his gaze. He was so young, and yet, she felt as if he had lived two hundred lifetimes for her one barely lived.  ”I’m very sorry to hear that,” she softly spoke, a furrow creasing her brow. “I —- cannot say that my family has ever been overly kind to me, but, to have no one —- ” she shuddered, feeling something tighten in her chest. Some age-old fear, come to torment her. Like a nightmare that has been seen on repeat, but swiftly forgotten in the light of day. It was a murky sort of reminder, one that she disliked very much, and made her feel all the colder, pulling his coat more tightly around herself. “That would be the worst fate imaginable.” 

She was lost to her reverie, drowning in a sea of consuming fears and would-be-sorrows, so much so that she barely heard him speak further. She seemed in a haze when at last she came to, drawing in a sharp and sudden breath as a thunder loud enough to rattle the gazebo itself made her flinch. She smiled shyly, letting out a nervous laugh. “I did truly mean it when I said there was little that would not bore you,” she replied. “I have lived in only one place until today. Been kept on the tightest of leashes by my mother, and only now released due to her fear that no Spaniard would ever want to wed a girl so disinterested in being a housewife, and I would become an old maid, unmarried and undesirable if left to my own devices.” There was an air of exasperation to her voice then, as if reciting some lecture that had been endured dozens of times, but she wore a smile that spoke of fondness when the words were done. “My mother loves me, in the best way she knows how. I only wish that she could understand that… I want a life of my own making.”

Sighing softly, Regina glanced up from her hands which had held her gaze where they rested in her lap for the entirety of her story. Finding him she smiled again and then laughed. “You must think me terribly self-absorbed,” she mused. “Countless go hungry and cold each night, and here I sit bemoaning my life as a governess.”



"I believe there are not enough times that I may say how sorry I am… But I will ‘save it’ as you say."

      “Your apologies are pointless, Robin.
       You made your choice. Constantly
       bombarding me with your sorrow is
       only a reminder of everything that 
       I’ve had ripped away from me. So
       please —- just stay away. Go back
       to your wife and son.”


I know who I am, and what I want...

           ”At last I meet the infamous Targaryen girl —-
               or are you the barbarian’s queen? It’s difficult
             to sort fact from fiction when peasants are your
             messenger —- ” she laughs, clearly regarding the
             g i r l  with disregard and disdain. She has no 
              reason to fear, or so she believes.

                                    “I’d have thought you’d be taller.”

     She is certain she heard, no — felt, — something behind her
     but in the dark it’s hard  to tell  just  who  or  what  could  be
     so foolish. Peering into the  inky blackness, a frown creases
     her brow tightly.


                ” ——————  Who’s there?”


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i really just want a plot where two people become roommates and they continuously keep getting into awkward situations between the two like, he walks in on her in the shower or she walks in on him having sex and it just keeps getting super super awkward between the two and you can just feel the sexual tension between the two and yeah pls hmu

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You really shouldn't say they "found" Ebola in Dallas, as the patient at Presby was actually admitted based both on their symptoms as well as recent travel history. You're implying they /caught/ the disease in the United States, when in fact it's much more likely they contracted it in an area of the world where it's endemic, and are simply being /treated/ now. (Sorry, I'm from that part of TX and the last thing people need is to spread panic thinking this disease is running rampant in the US.)

I’m aware of that, thank you. And I too am living in this area, thus my concern. Obviously the virus is not present on US soil but the days between the patient presenting and being admitted are enough to have come into contact with others. I am not panicked, but I do think it’s cause for concern in the long run considering how these things can spread and no one ever know it. And it is not my responsibility to, on my own blog, give a scientifically  and medically correct lecture to prevent pandemonium when my only intent is to express dismay and concern. Anyone foolish enough to read a comment such as mine and not research it before they panic and cry about the sky falling is the only person responsible for their own mental and emotional anguish. Thank you for your concern.

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